Kiningi – Startup etsii tekijöitä

New international gameteam looking talents

We have four people team. We will found new start-up team which will be company someday. Who is in team now? Wilson Kirwa who own the idea. Man who have lot of ideas. Esa Jalonen who are responsibility for game developing. Timi Tervo who are responsibility for graphic design. Tomi Tervo who help us to do paper works and so on.

We are looking for people who want to join this team. We need game and graphic designers.

You will be main part of this team. This team will work at Tampere and Lahti. Lahti is our main area, because we will join Protomo Lahti.

Out project name is Kiningi.

That will be a mobile game. There is something fun and something what gamers will learn from Africa and enviroment.

If you are interested to join us or hear more about this project contact Esa Jalonen.

040 – 578 9494 or

Best regards,

Esa Jalonen

CMO, Asiakkuuspäällikkö

tel. +358 40 578 9494

twitter: @esajalonen



skype: esa_jalonen_koti ja esa_jalonen_mobile

Celain Oy

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