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Tilaaja kaipailee kolmea tekijää mobiilisovellukselle. Sovellus on On Demand (Uber, Airbnb) tyyppinen palvelu.

Lisätietoja alla.


I need:  

  • server developer
  • app developer, 
  • designer (includes concept work)

The language of the App is Suomi, but if it’s possible than we could add Ruotsi, that would be also great. But right now, there are roughly 4 main smartphone platforms i have been thinking about: iOS, ANDROID & WINDOWS PHONE.

The platform should be a little bit the same way as “Uber-Taxi” App & “Tinder” App 

Sir Toni Pippola, there is no starting time, as soon as possible, WOULD BE PERFECT. 

And deadline, hmmmm…well I don’t really know how long does it take to make an mobile application. But what about 2-3 months ?

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